About Us

About Us

  • We are a young and dynamic company whose main program is the design, manufacture, installation and servicing of swimming pools made of stainless steel. As a young company we can’t do a lecture with regards to our history, but we can show you what we have been able to achieve in the course of our operation in the European market. The bulk of our production goes to the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Switzerland. Swimming pools are located in the most prestigious locations such as Switzerland, the world's jet-set destinations - Gstaad, Verbier, Geneva

  • The quality of our products could only be achieved through advanced technical solutions, modern progressive production technology and especially rich experience of our technicians.

  • Wonderwerk swimming pools combine the elegance and the highest standards of material quality.

  • Each of our pools is original and tailored for the client up to the finest details.

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  • We are able to manage a project from an idea to the implementation.

  • We use modern technologies.

  • We can include every your wish into a project.

  • We are flexible with regards to time.